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Blossom Edugroup is a consortium of educational institutions that prides ourselves as providers of quality childcare and preschool education in Singapore since 2002.

We achieve this by continuously updating our comprehensive curriculum and developing innovative programme that is unique to Blossom.

The common curriculum, shared by all our childcare centres, is the outcome of discerning adaptation of research in contemporary educational practices and strategic adoption of technological advancements.

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“Yi Xin was quite a character when she first joined, with all her crying and screaming. We’d like to thank all teachers and aunties who have helped in anyway or another, and especially for their patience with Yi Xin.”

Parent of Yi Xin

“You know you have hit a winner when your 2-year-old child runs into school on their first day and doesn’t look back. Even more so when she screams for 30 minutes on returning home, demanding to be taken back to school because she loves it so much.”

Parent of Akira

“My daughter enrolled in Blossom Glittering Campus when she was 18 months old. At first, I was worried about letting my daughter attend a local preschool in a foreign country and therefore I visited many preschools before making a decision.”

Parent of Haruka